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Motorcycles offer a sense of freedom and escape to all bikers and their passengers. It is a way to experience the perfect weather on a Saturday afternoon while still on the busy freeways of Miami. It is also a way to ease through traffic without any of the hassle of a larger motor vehicle. However, along with the compact size of motorcycles comes the inherent understanding that any accident, regardless of fault, could be devastating to the motorcyclist.

If you or a loved one have been injured in a motorcycle accident, you may be eligible to bring a claim for damages. Our Miami motorcycle accident lawyers will work relentlessly on your behalf- from filing paperwork, to insurance talks and settlement negotiations or trial arguments. Contact our accident attorneys today for a free consultation.

Miami Motorcycle Accidents

In 2014, there were nearly 10,000 reported motorcycle crashes, resulting in over 8,000 injuries and over 400 fatalities. This is a high fatality rate for any type of accident, and is large due to the lack of protection a motorcycle offers to its driver and passengers. Motorcyclists may do everything right in terms of driving and rules of the road, but still have to answer to the actions of other drivers, many of whom maneuver multi-ton vehicles without a care for smaller vehicles. The impact of a large vehicle upon a motorcycle can prove devastating to the motorcyclist and may often lead to lifelong injuries, including the following:

Many of these injuries will require a complete lifestyle change and ongoing rehabilitation services, which will not be easy to cover, especially considering that many severe injuries could lead to the loss of a job. No matter the severity, our Miami motorcycle accident attorneys will handle every detail of your accident and injury claim.

Florida Personal Injury Recovery

Florida is deemed a comparative negligence state, which means that a victim will be entitled to recover the full amount of damages against a responsible driver after an accident occurs. However, this amount of damages will be limited by the extent to which the victim is responsible for an accident. For example, if the motorcyclist shifted lanes without signaling, thereby being one factor of the accident, the total damages could be reduced by the percentage to which the motorcyclist’s actions were found to contribute to their injuries. If the court determines that the motorcyclist’s actions were 25% at fault for the resulting damages, then the total damages will be limited to 75%.

A motorcyclist can bring a claim for damages against the responsible driver to claim the following:

A motorcycle accident is an extreme, devastating accident and can have a lifelong impact on the motorcyclist and their family. The severity of injuries could determine whether the motorcyclist will ever walk again, or whether the motorcyclist will ever be able to hold a job again. This is a devastating scenario for a person who was following all the traffic laws but was simply not as well protected as a negligent larger vehicle driver.

Lipcon & Lipcon | Miami, FL Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

If you or a loved one have been injured in a motorcycle accident in Florida, do not hesitate to contact the attorneys of Lipcon & Lipcon. Motorcycles offer a unique sense of freedom and the destruction of this freedom is not without repercussions. Our attorneys will work tirelessly to develop your claim and ensure the responsible parties are held liable for their actions. Contact our Miami office today for your initial free consultation.