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Slip and fall accidents are the quintessential type of personal injury accident and often go largely overlooked by the general public. However, slip and fall accidents can be dangerous to people of all ages, although especially to the elderly and the very young. The failure of a property owner to adequately protect their property and offer suitable warnings to all visitors could result in liability when injuries occur.

Our Miami slip and fall accident lawyers can help ensure you have the necessary resources to cover medical bills, loss of wages and any and all related and unexpected expenses.

Slip and Fall Accidents

All property owners have a duty of care to keep their property clear from any hidden or latent dangers. The failure of a property owner to adequately inspect their property could lead to liability if a visitor is injured due to a defect on the property. Something as small as a nail protruding from a stairwell could lead to a slip and fall accident and devastating injuries to the victim. A responsible property owner would be aware of any dangerous defects on the property and must warn the visitors of these dangers.

Florida has a set tiered list of individuals who may appear on property, each who has a different type of protection. Visitors to the property (including shoppers), have the greatest protection and must be adequately warned of any and all dangers. Trespassers are afforded the least protection, but still must be made aware of any hidden dangers or attractive nuisances. The failure of a property owner to anticipate that a trespasser would enter their property and failure to notice a defect that could lead to a slip and fall, could result in liability.

Florida Personal Injury Actions

Florida is a comparative negligence state, and therefore, a property owner will be held liable for the full amount of damages caused by a slip and fall accident. However, this amount of damages could be reduced by the percentage which the victim is found to be at fault for their own actions. In the case of a trespasser, the property owner could have a case that the trespasser ignored signs to check in with the property owner. However, this will be dependent on the case and the surrounding circumstances.

A victim of a slip and fall accident is entitled to bring a claim for damages which includes the following:

The victim of a slip and fall accident will often have broken bones or severe bruising, both of which could lead to long lasting injuries. Serious falls could impact the internal organs and lead to serious complications from what appears to be a simple bruise. An experienced personal injury attorney will carefully examine the facts of your case and assist you in determining the appropriate amount of damages which you can include on a claim.

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