Auto Accidents

What if a Faulty Part Caused My Auto Accident?

Apart from drivers’ recklessness, many Florida car accidents have resulted from faulty car parts. Every party in the chain of distribution has a duty of ensuring that the buyer is safe from severe or fatal collisions. Drivers are required to play their part in making sure that their vehicles remain safe. But when the person… read more

Do Police Reports Matter in Traffic Accident Injury Cases?

If you’re injured by a negligent driver in south Florida, and you need to be compensated for your medical bills and lost wages, you’ll need to ask a Miami personal injury attorney to discuss your rights and legal options. In some cases, those options may include filing a personal injury claim. Typically, the police in… read more

FL Laws Around Headphones While Driving and Biking

It may seem harmless to listen to your favorite song or podcast via your personal headset while driving or riding your bike. After all, your hands are still on the wheel/handlebars and your eyes are on the road. It can even seem like a safe, hands-free alternative to talking on your cell phone while operating… read more

Self-Driving Cars: Safer or Riskier Than Traditional Cars?

According to industry projections from BI Intelligence, semi-autonomous and completely autonomous vehicles will account for 10 million vehicles on roadways in 2020. Championed to reduce accidents and improve transportation experiences, self-driving cars seem to be the answer to roadway woes. As a wrongful death law firm, we wonder if recent accidents involving self-driving cars show… read more

Stay Safe While Driving in the Rain

In Miami, drivers deal with extensive rainfall every year. From mild sprinkles to full shower deluges, the onset of rain completely changes driving conditions. When the forecasters predict increased chances of rain, use safe driving skills to protect yourself from an accident. Here is how a Miami truck accident lawyer can help. Rain Increases Driving… read more