Bicycle Injuries

The Benefits of Taking a Bicycle Safety Course

It may be hard to believe, but when some of us were shown to ride a bike, the rules were different from what is being taught today. Bicycle safety has changed due to the traffic and conditions that bikers encounter daily. Many bikers might not be sure what is safe and what is not. This… read more

Does Homeowner’s Insurance Cover Bicycle Accidents?

When it comes to your bicycle, many insurance policies are beneficial. If we have an accident, our auto insurance covers our personal injury up to $10,000. Your medical insurance will cover the remainder of what your auto insurance does not pay. So now let’s look at your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance. Your homeowner’s or renter’s… read more

Can You Use Your Auto Insurance On A Bicycle Accident Claim?

Florida is a no-fault state. This means, regardless of who is at fault, you turn to your own insurance company to pay your medical expenses. But, will they help you after a bicycle accident? What’s your next step? Auto Insurance and PIP PIP stands for Personal Injury Protection, which is in your automobile insurance policy…. read more

Do Traffic Laws Apply To Bicycles?

When driving on the streets in Florida, every car, truck, personal, and commercial vehicle has to abide by the same laws. This includes bicycles. Sharing the road with a bicyclist may present a challenge on heavily congested days, but regardless, traffic laws must be followed. Are There Specific Laws That Apply To Cyclists? In the… read more

Are Bicycle Helmets Required In Florida?

Many bicycle riders swear by a reliable and well-fitting helmet. Others think they are ineffective and would rather not wear them. This debate goes for small children all the way up to Olympic riders. But, what does the law say? In the state of Florida, anyone younger than 16years old is required to wear a… read more

Are Bike Lights Required At Night In Florida?

People find it odd that different states have specific requirements for cyclists and lighting their bicycles. Some states have no requirements. Perhaps these states believe that cyclists are responsible for their own safety when using bike lanes, the road, or a sidewalk. To find the laws for bicycles in your state, check the League of… read more

Can Cyclists Run Red Lights in Florida?

When a person is driving a vehicle, and they do not respect the laws of the road, it puts everyone at risk. They ride too close to the car in front of them; they do not allow enough space when they pass another vehicle. They do not use their signals, making turns which cause other… read more

Can You Get A Ticket On A Bicycle?

The state of Florida recognizes your right to travel on the roads by bicycle. They have included your mode of transportation in consideration of designing the roads. In many places, they provide a special bike lane,so you can safely travel. They will punish drivers of vehicles who do not show you the same rights that… read more

Cyclist Insurance – Do You Have To Have It?

In the state of Florida, you are not required to have insurance on your bicycle. But what happens if you are involved in an accident? Do cyclists need it? The answer is yes, you should have coverage on your bike, especially if it is an expensive bike. There are several factors you should consider, but… read more

Do Bicycles Have To Stop At Stop Signs?

When we are riding in traffic, we often come across signs along the road that include the following: Stop Signs Yield Workers Ahead Crosswalks Uneven Lanes While bicycles and automobiles do not share many similarities, they are both permitted to use the same roads, and even follow the same laws. Cyclists also have their own… read more