Personal Injury

What To Do If You’re Injured And Your Job Doesn’t Have Workers’ Comp Insurance

Workers’ compensation is insurance that an employer carries to provide benefits to employees who are injured in accidents on the job – without regard to fault. Florida requires all employers (with very few exceptions) to carry workers’ compensation coverage for their employees. This is something our Miami slip and fall lawyers know very well. Workers’… read more

Legal Options For Those Injured On Cruise Ships

Vacations are to be enjoyed, but you also need to be careful. As slip and fall lawyers in Miami, we know that airports are often packed with passengers in a hurry toting heavy bags and luggage – a perfect scenario for severe injuries. Airports, hotels, attractions, and cruise ships can be held liable if the… read more

Factors That Can Affect The Value Of Your Personal Injury Settlement

A traumatic personal injury caused by someone else’s negligence can happen to anyone. You don’t have to be injured in a traffic accident. You could sustain a serious dog bite, slip on a wet floor at a restaurant, or sustain a severe injury from a faulty power tool or home appliance. What’s your recourse here… read more

Can A Personal Injury Affect Your Mental Health?

Personal injury cases are usually based on the physical injuries that one person suffers because a second person was negligent in a traffic collision or in some other accident scenario. Serious accidents, however, can also cause real and significant psychological injuries. Can you be compensated for the mental injuries as well as the physical injuries… read more

What Is Florida’s PIP 14-Day Rule?

If you are injured in a traffic accident here in Florida, and if you do not have a medical examination within 14 days of the accident, you probably will not be compensated. Everyone in Florida should know about the state’s 14-day rule, because almost anyone could be injured in a Florida traffic collision. Our Miami… read more

How to Pick the Right Lawyer for You

When facing legal action, you will face many tough decisions, including which lawyer to retain. Don’t hire the first lawyer you see advertised online or that your friend recommends. You need to make sure you get the best personal injury attorney for your situation. Read on to learn some things to look for before you make… read more

How Do Insurance Companies Settle Personal Injury Claims?

When filing a personal injury (PI) claim, you need to understand how the insurance company’s adjuster will determine a settlement offer. Knowing how an adjuster works will help inform your decision before you file a written demand for compensation or consider a settlement offer or counteroffer. Read on to learn just what the adjuster does… read more

Do I Really Need a Car Accident Attorney?

People often choose to retain a lawyer after being involved in a car accident wherein personal injury (PI) or monetary damages occurred. This helps them deal with the complexities and stress of their case. If you decide to retain a Miami car accident attorney, take the time to consider your options, the needs of your situation,… read more

What Is Spoliation of Evidence in Personal Injury Cases?

The outcome of your Personal Injury (PI) case depends on presenting evidence that demonstrates willful or negligent acts by the defendant. These acts must have somehow led to your injury and loss of income/work potential. As nursing home abuse lawyers, we have to stress that protecting that evidence is paramount. Intentional or unintentional acts could… read more

What Is a Contingency Fee?

Legal cases cost money, and you may not have the resources available to pursue a personal injury case. Between medical bills and lost time at work, your finances may be stretched to the breaking point. Contingency fees help people in this situation – you only pay your personal injury attorney if you win a settlement…. read more