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  • Let the award-winning attorneys at Lipcon & Lipcon, P.A. handle your personal injury claim. Our personal injury law firm is one of the top firms in Florida, so we know how to fight for your rights in court!
  • You’ll work personally with an injury attorney on your case, and our lawyers offer honest legal advice to help you get the most financial compensation you deserve.
  • When you hire our law firm to handle your case, you get the aggressive representation that is needed to win.
  • Each lawyer at our law office has top reviews online. Our clients and peers have rated us as one of the best law firms in Miami-Dade County and throughout Florida.

At Lipcon & Lipcon, P.A., we are proud to say that our law firm is like a family and we have fought to defend Florida families in personal injury cases for many years. We have devoted ourselves to aggressively pursuing your rights in court and will continue to do so with each and every case we take on. With vast experience in the field, our team takes pride in the legal representation they provide clients. We can take on insurance companies on your behalf to make your life easier and get you the best results possible for your case. Because insurance companies have a reputation to make cases like yours tougher than they need to be, we act as your line of defense to ensure they offer you a settlement worthy of the injuries and losses you have suffered due to the negligence of another party. We have the resources and team necessary to protect the future for you and your family. Our team emphasizes family. Because our legal team itself considers itself a family, we would like to invite you to join us so we can represent you and fight on your behalf for what you deserve.

The team of attorneys at Lipcon & Lipcon, P.A. have extensive legal backgrounds and have worked tirelessly to be the best in their field. You can trust that your case in the hands of a seasoned personal injury attorney that knows the best way to represent you in the Florida legal system. If you or a loved one has suffered injuries and sustained other losses due to someone else’s negligence, let us fight to get you properly compensated for the damages you have suffered.

How Do I Find the Best Personal Injury Attorney for My Case?

The top law firms in Miami will have excellent online reviews and accolades. When looking for an attorney to hire for your personal injury claim, you should check with the American Bar Association for attorneys in good standing. At Lipcon & Lipcon, we are distinguished by aggressively protecting our clients’ rights.

David W. Lipcon has been practicing personal injury law for over 20 years, and has been awarded an AV rating from Martindale-Hubbell. Mitchell J. Lipcon has been practicing law for over 40 years and has handled complex personal liability cases, including those involving defective products, medical malpractice, and car accidents. Mitchell J. Lipcon was additionally one of the attorneys appointed to represent Bolivian children killed in a tragic aviation disaster in La Paz.

Our attorneys understand the devastation and sense of loss your family feels after a severe accident and will work tirelessly to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve after the accident. We will take care of all the aspects of your claim while you focus on your recovery. Learn more about what it’s like to work with us by reading the Google Plus reviews of Lipcon & Lipcon, P.A.

Our award-winning team of lawyers at Lipcon & Lipcon, P.A. have excellent reviews with Avvo and Martindale-Hubbell, websites that rate and review attorneys in Florida and across the country.

What Percentage Does a Personal Injury Lawyer Charge?

Many prospective clients are hesitant to hire personal injury lawyers off the bat because of the long-running reputation that lawyers are incredibly costly. On the contrary, it may be far more expensive to not take proper legal action with the help of a personal injury lawyer than it would be by hiring one immediately. What many people do not understand is just how difficult it can be to prove negligence in a personal injury case. Proving negligence is a critical component of your overall case. Proving negligence for any damages you claim can ensure you get a fair amount of compensation for your injuries and losses.

Making sure negligence on the part of whoever is responsible for your injuries is proven can take a ton of effort to do. From sifting through evidence, identifying witnesses, and analyzing reports, proving negligence is a tall task to ask of anyone without the experience in handling personal injury cases like yours. This is why an injury lawyer from our law firm may be worth every single penny once we get you the compensation you deserve. We understand that legal fees often prevent people from getting the legal help that they need. This is why we offer free consultations. We offer our professional legal advice to our clients and you never pay a single dime unless we collect compensation for you. If you or a loved one need help filing a personal injury claim, contact us as soon as possible to book a free consultation.

Client Testimonials Avvo

5 Stars

Great Attorney!

Mr. Lipcon and his staff (particularly, Melissa!) were the best!! They communicated with me the entire case, answering all the questions I ever had. Not only did Mr. Lipcon win my case, he became my lawyer forever. I recommended them!

- Victor

David Lipcon Is One of the Good Guys!

I hired Mr. Lipcon last year to help me after I was badly injured in a car accident. Mr. Lipcon took my case all the way to court. He was fearless and stood up to the other side's lawyers. He won my case for me. Even the judge was impressed! I now have enough money to move on with my life. I will always thank David Lipcon for all he has done for me.

- Andres

David Is the Most Responsive and Qualified Attorney!

I am so grateful that I was recommended to David Lipcon. My brother was killed in a car crash with a train. Everybody told us it was his fault and that there was no case. He left behind three young children and a beautiful wife. When we spoke with Mr. Lipcon, he assured us he had plenty of experience in cases like this, and was he right! Mr. Lipcon sued the railroad company for broken warning lights. It seemed like it was him against the world, and he won! In the middle of the trial, after a year of hard work, the train insurance company settled...

- Lily

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Should I Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer?

The right legal counsel can make a significant impact on the outcome of your case. From getting you the financial compensation you need for any lost wages you have suffered to recovering damages for any medical expenses you had to pay due to the injuries you sustained in your accident, it’s important to choose a personal injury attorney who has successfully handled cases similar to yours in the past. An accident lawsuit can help get the compensation you need to protect your loved ones and get yourself back to full health. Lost wages can take a major toll on your finances which can put your and your family’s quality of life in jeopardy. Filing an accident lawsuit can also ensure you do not have to suffer the consequences of paying for medical expenses without getting compensation in return. These expenses, on top of other damages such as pain and suffering, can put you at a major disadvantage going forward. Take matters into your own hand with the help of our law firm.

You should conduct online research before hiring an attorney to see how former clients rate the attorney’s legal services and professionalism. Don’t be afraid to schedule a free consultation with us to learn more about our lawyers prior to hiring us. We believe in the ability of our legal team and welcome you with open arms. Our team is dedicated to working tirelessly on your behalf to ensure you are treated fairly and your rights are upheld properly. Our office is conveniently located just south of the Brickell City Centre near the Brickell Train Station and in the Downtown Miami area, approximately 10 miles from Miami International Airport (MIA). While our firm is located in Miami, we handle cases all throughout the State of Florida! Contact our Miami office today for your initial free consultation.