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Florida is well-known as an excellent place to escape the cold. Many people arrive from across the country to spend their golden years in the sunny weather and mild climate that the state has to offer.

Unfortunately, this means that the state also sees its fair share of nursing home neglect and abuse cases. When you or your loved one has been the victim of this type of abuse or neglect the emotional and physical toll can be devastating.

You may not know what to do or if you can take legal action. Florida allows victims of nursing home abuse and neglect situations to seek justice and pursue financial compensation for their injuries. A law firm with nursing home neglect and abuse experience can help you navigate the legal system and get justice in your case.

In Florida, What Counts As Nursing Home Neglect?

In the state of Florida, there are around 73,000 residents of nursing homes. Though this is a small part of the Florida population, the state is considered one of the top states for nursing home residents. However, this means that the amount of nursing home residents has resulted in an increase in neglect and abuse cases in these facilities.

Residents of nursing homes are unable to fully care for themselves and rely on the assistance of nursing home staff to provide them with the necessary care. When residents are neglected, it doesn’t take long for the lack of care to be detrimental to their health. Some patients require care 24/7 and this neglect can be as harmful as deliberate abuse.

What Are Signs of Nursing Home Abuse or Neglect?

In cases where a nursing home resident is abused, elder abuse can be hidden for unacceptable amounts of time. Some patients are abused for years before anyone takes notice or before the resident is able to seek help.

This is often true when family members live outside of Florida and are unable to frequently visit their relative in the nursing home. Nursing home abuse includes psychological and physical abuse. Employees taking advantage of the resident’s state of mind or mental capacity is a form of psychological abuse.

Nursing home staff may coerce the person to make changes to financial documents or their will. This can take a toll on the victim. Physical abuse is often made to areas that are hidden by clothing in nursing home abuse victims.

Family members and friends of residents should pay close attention to mood and appearance changes as they can be indicators of nursing home abuse. It’s important to note that residents that have a difficult time communicating or speaking are often at greater risk of abuse.

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