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Dogs are man’s best friend, and provide a source of comfort and companionship for many years. Unfortunately, not every dog is particularly friendly, and many dog owners refuse to accept this fact, often leaving dangerous dogs loose despite warnings to the contrary. Children are sadly the main population of victims of dog bite attacks, and their injuries can be permanent. The impact of a dog bite attack on a young child could turn into extensive surgeries and ongoing psychological treatment. If you or someone you know has been injured by a dog bite attack, you could be entitled to receive a specific amount of compensation due to your injuries.

Dog Bite Laws in Florida

Florida, like many other states, charges a dog owner with liability after a dog bite occurs, regardless of whether the dog owner had reason to believe the dog would act in this manner. The only instance in which the dog owner will not be liable for the resulting injuries is when the owner puts up a sign prominently displayed outside the house which states “Bad Dog.” The failure of a visitor or trespasser to heed this warning could result in a dangerous situation for the victim of a dog bite attack. However, the dog owner will not be liable for the resulting damages since the dog owner appropriately warned the victim of the dangerous dog tendencies.

Florida Personal Injury Claims

Due to Florida being a comparative negligence state, a victim’s total recovery will be decreased by a percentage in which the victim is found to be at fault. In the case of a dog bite injury, the victim’s damages will be reduced if it is found that the victim was the proximate cause of the dog bite. A trespasser who ignores the signs in a dog owner’s yard could be unable to pursue a claim for damages. However, the parents of a child under the age of 6 who is attracted to the yard through a so-called “attractive nuisance” and instead encounters a dangerous dog despite warning signs, could be required to bring forth a claim for any damages. Property owners should be able to predict whether a child would be attracted to their property, and prevent a dog bite attack from occurring.

A dog bite attack victim is required to make a claim for any damages involving the following:

An impact of a dog bite attack could stretch far into the future and could impact not only the physical aspect of the victim but the ongoing psychological torment elating to dogs. Children are at an impressionable age, and a dog bite attack at so young an age could lead to years of emotional trauma each time the child sees a dog. An honest personal injury attorney can help you with figuring out the number of damages you could be entitled to receive due to the extent of your injuries.

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If you or someone you know was the victim of a dog bite attack, contact one of the lawyers of Lipcon & Lipcon. Dog bite attacks can be difficult personal injury claims to bring against a dog owner, especially since so many of us sympathize with a dog owner. However, a dangerous dog should not be allowed to roam free without restraint. The resulting damage and scars to you or your family are often a permanent reminder of the dog bite attack and could cause years of suffering. Contact our Miami office promptly to claim your free consultation.