When a person is driving a vehicle, and they do not respect the laws of the road, it puts everyone at risk. They ride too close to the car in front of them; they do not allow enough space when they pass another vehicle. They do not use their signals, making turns which cause other drivers to be caught off guard. These reckless drivers are dangerous and can cause injury.

In the state of Florida, a bicycle is a vehicle. If you are riding a bicycle on the road, in the bike lane beside the road, or crossing a crosswalk between streets (more about this below), you must obey the same traffic laws as other drivers. This means if there is a red light, you must come to a complete stop and stay at a complete stop until the light is green.

Of course, if you are making a right turn, and you signal with your left arm extended and bent at the elbow at a 90-degree turn, you may turn right on red unless there is a sign indicating otherwise.

What if the sensors do not pick up my bike?

Cyclists often complain that the sensors do not detect their bicycle. Traffic lights have sensors that are triggered at the intersection when traffic is present. If drivers do not activate the lights or if there is more traffic on another road, it may seem like the light isn’t changing.

In that case, the light is considered defective, and you can proceed when it is safe to do so.Sharing the road with automobiles can result in injury or death, so bikers should use caution when traffic lights are not changing at intersections.

Should I use a crosswalk?

Like drivers, pedestrians must follow traffic signals at crosswalks to proceed safely through an intersection. A cyclist not traveling on the road is considered a pedestrian. They are permitted to use sidewalks and crosswalks in Florida, but they must yield to other pedestrians.

A biker is encouraged to use the crosswalk instead of crossing the street, so motorists can see them, and they are given adequate time to cross. If there is a red light or “Do Not Walk” sign, a pedestrian must stop and wait. Some lights are automatically triggered when someone stops at a crosswalk, and other lights must be activated by the pedestrian to turn green.

A pedestrian on a bike should only proceed if there is a green light or “Walk” sign. They may ride or walk their bike across the crosswalk, and if there are no lights at the intersection, they can watch for traffic and proceed safely like other pedestrians. Crosswalks are designed to protect drivers and pedestrians. If a vehicle approaches while a pedestrian is crossing, the pedestrian and the biker as a pedestrian has the right of way. The vehicle must stop until all pedestrians have crossed safely.

Every driver and pedestrian are responsible for obeying traffic laws when using the roads and sidewalks in Florida. An accident with an automobile can result in severe injury or death. If you have been injured on your bike, contact an attorney.