We all love our bikes. There are many styles and colors to choose from on the market, but sometimes, we want our bike to stand out. We want to customize it to look like no other bike. We are going to give you some tips that will help you make your bike a one of a kind and keep you safe when you are riding it.

  • Loud Bicycle Horn
    • Drivers respond to car horns. Often bike horns are met with laughter and not taken seriously. Usually, they are not even heard in traffic. But it is possible to get a loud bicycle horn that is designed to sound just like a car horn.
  • Revolights
    • Revolights are special red and white lights attached to the front and back tires of your bicycle. They are LED lights that flash when the wheels are turning. Special sensors monitor the speed you are traveling and adjust the lights to turn on and off. This creates a lighting effect that is seen from all angles. These lights are very bright when in use, allowing you to be seen on the road.
  • Lumos Smart Helmet
    • LumosSmart Helmet is the first smart helmet on the market. It comes in various styles and colors, and is futuristic in design. The Lumos Smart Helmet is designed to look sleek and aerodynamic, but its purpose is much more practical. With the push of a button on your handlebars, you can signal bright LED lights when you are stopping or turning. You have a left turn signal, a right turn signal, and a stop signal. They are intendedto be seen close or at a great distance on the road. Drivers will have no trouble seeing the lights on your helmet.

If you have not been to your bike store lately, you are missing out on a lot of great gadgets, but you can also find many of them on Amazon. Here are a few items that are available.

  • Bike mount GPS monitors.
    • You mount this box to your bike and download an app, and you will always know where you are and how to get to where you are going. This is much safer than using your iPhone. If you tumble or drop your iPhone, you are not only stranded, but you will have to replace a phone that could cost hundreds of dollars.
  • Auto locks

There is now an auto-locking system called LINKA. This is a keyless lock that will only open if you have the remote. It comes with an automatic siren that sounds if someone tries to open it without the entry box. You can check online or at your local bike supplier for other brands.

Technology Can Keep You Safe

In this age of technology, there is always something new being introduced to make your biking experience safer and more fun. The products mentioned above protect your bike, but it doesn’t stop there. Always be prepared when you ride, and you will stay safe when sharing the road with motorists.