Many Florida women have suffered after using the Mirena IUD, a medical device for birth control. If you or a loved one are a Florida resident that became ill after using or removing a Mirena IUD, call the personal injury team at Lipcon and Lipcon Attorneys at Law today for a free consultation. You may be entitled to compensation for your injuries.

An IUD is an intrauterine device that women have implanted into their uterus’ in order to avoid an unwanted pregnancy. Some IUDs are made of copper, and others, like the Mirena IUD, release hormones into a woman’s body to mitigate the risk of pregnancy. The Mirena IUD is one of the most commonly prescribed methods of birth control in the world, with some 2 million women choosing to use the device every day.

While all medical therapies and devices carry some kind of health risk, the Mirena IUD is accompanied by a wide variety of negative side effects that have left many women seriously injured and ill. When some victims decided to remove the device in order to regain their health, side effects did not subside. Even if you choose to have the device removed, the human body must regain its’ equilibrium without the constant supply of hormones that were previously provided by the Mirena. This causes severe, often debilitating side effects for the victims. These detrimental side effects, known as the Mirena crash, or Mirena IUD crash, can occur for weeks or even months after the removal of the device.

What Side Effects And Risks Are Associated With The Mirena Crash?

According to scientific research, removing the Mirena IUD creates a hormone imbalance in the body. This hormone imbalance creates side effects and risks that are similar to just keeping the device in your body – leaving hundreds of women unable to escape the pain and suffering caused by using this controversial device.

The Mirena IUD releases a hormone called progesterone in the body, which thickens the lining of the uterus and greatly minimizes the risk of impregnation. With the device implanted, the body stops producing progesterone on its’ own in order to maintain your metabolism and total body homeostasis. So when the device is suddenly removed, the body’s hormones become imbalanced, leading to side effects like neurological disorders, painful cramping, perforated organs, pain during sex, excessive fatigue, and even mental health issues.

The hormone imbalance brings about severe emotional distress for the affected patients, such as depression, anxiety, uncontrollable emotional reactions, and irritable moods. In some especially grave cases, suicidal ideation occurred.

A product’s manufacturer, in this case, Bayer Pharmaceuticals, has a legal obligation to disclose any negative side effects or health warnings that accompany the use of their product. When a manufacturer fails to do so, they put the general population at risk. Many women who have suffered from the Mirena Crash are seeking justice by contacting personal injury lawyers to form a lawsuit against Bayer Pharmaceuticals.

If I’ve Become Ill Or Injured After Using A Product, How Can I Recieve Compensation?

Women who have been affected by the Mirena Crash have the option to take matters into their own hands by filing a lawsuit against the manufacturer. If you’re a Florida resident that’s been injured by a Mirena IUD, call the personal injury team at Lipcon and Lipcon Attorneys At Law today for a free consultation. The only way to get justice after being wrongfully hurt by a medical device is to file a lawsuit to recoup your financial and emotional losses.

“Products liability” refers to the liability of any or all parties along the chain of manufacture of any product for damage caused by that product. Companies such as medical device manufacturers have a duty and obligation to warn consumers about negative health side effects associated with using their products. By filing a product liability lawsuit, you can hold the negligent company accountable for the harm they’ve caused.

Similarly, if your loved one passed away due to injuries they sustained from using a Mirena IUD, you may be entitled to compensation for their death due to a wrongful death lawsuit. A wrongful death case occurs when a person is killed by someone else’s misconduct or negligence. There are multiple types of damages that can be recovered in wrongful death suits. Financial injury, otherwise known as pecuniary injury, is the primary measure of a wrongful death claim.

If you choose to file a lawsuit after suffering The Mirena Crash, you may seek compensation for medical bills, lost wages, or even the pain and suffering you’ve experienced after the crash. Anyone who has been negatively affected after using a faulty product may seek compensation from the manufacturer to recoup their losses. If you are unsure whether or not your unique situation constitutes a product liability case, call Lipcon and Lipcon Attorneys At Law in Miami to speak with a qualified wrongful death lawyer. We can help you navigate the waters of filing a lawsuit, and will provide you with options for getting your life back on track as soon as possible.

How Can Lipcon And Lipcon Attorneys At Law Help?

If you or a woman you love has suffered after using a Mirena IUD device, Lipcon and Lipcon Attorneys At Law are here to help. You can call our offices for a free case evaluation, and consult with our qualified legal team in order to create a clear path for justice. If you’ve suffered high medical bills, missed out on money in your paycheck, and your life has changed for the worse as a result of using a Mirena IUD, your story deserves to be told.

We offer a free consultation to any Florida resident interested in forming a product liability lawsuit against the makers of the Mirena IUD – or any other negligent company that’s product has caused you or a loved one harm. Lipcon and Lipcon Attorneys At Law have offices in Miami and Miami Gardens, Florida, and are just a phone call away if you need help. The sooner you call our product liability attorneys, the sooner we can work together to get you the financial assistance you need to recover.