In Florida, a bicycle is considered a vehicle. A cyclist must obey the same laws as a motorist, as well as rules that are specific to them. But, are you permitted to ride on the road with other drivers? Or are you supposed to ride on the sidewalk?

The road

If the roadway is more than 14’wide, then it is safe to ride your bike.While on the road, you must honor Florida law and take safety precautions, like using lights and signals. Bikers should use hand signals to turn, slow down, or stop. You must also obey red lights and traffic signs when using the street.

Be aware of your route. If the bike lane turns right and you are traveling straight, then you must safely merge into the road. Florida law says automobiles must keep at least 3’ of space between your bike and their vehicle.Automobiles drivers must accept that you are using the public road and you have the right of way.

Bike lanes and gravel borders

If a bike lane is provided for you, this is the safest place to ride. But bike lanes are not always available. If there is no bike lane, use the road. You do not have to ride on the gravel border alongside the roadway.Even if there is plenty of room beside the lane, and the lane is wide enough, it is safer and more comfortable to ride on the pavement.

Can you use the sidewalk or crosswalk?

The scenic outdoors and sunshine make Florida a haven for bicycle riders. Your bike is considered a vehicle on the street, but you can also use the sidewalk. Riding on the sidewalk makes you a pedestrian, and you must yield to other pedestrians on foot. On the sidewalk, you should respect other people and bikers, such as signaling audibly if you are going to turn or stop.

Bikers are encouraged to use the crosswalk. You must follow the same rules as pedestrians. When you come to a crosswalk, obey the traffic signals. In this situation, the pedestrians crossing have the right of way and cars must yield to them, including you. A collision with a motorist, even at a crosswalk, could result in serious injury or death.

Can cyclists ride in groups on the road?

In the state of Florida, laws were made to protect cyclists, drivers, and pedestrians, as well as control the flow of traffic. If there is a bike lane, and it is wide enough to accommodate 2 or 3 bikes,you can ride in a group, side by side. However, you cannot merge into the road. In most cases, it is safer for bikers to ride in a line, as close to the right as possible.

Stay safe

Florida is doing everything it can to make cyclists feel safe on the roads. An accident with a motorist could be costly for you. Protect yourself when you are traveling on Florida roadways by riding defensively. The only way to stay safe is for everyone to work together to avoid accidents with bikers.