According to the National Safety Council, three-quarters of all drivers hit the road during the day. People trying to make a choice between driving during the day or at night often wonder whether it is safer to drive when the sun is up.

Accidents can happen during the day or at night. And if you are driving cautiously, you might not have much control over the reckless decisions of other drivers. But experienced personal injury lawyers in Miami can represent you after a crash, regardless of when it happens.

What Should I Think of When Deciding When to Drive?

Some people prefer night travel because of the assumption that there are fewer cars on the road. But generally, the decision on whether to drive during the day or night is a challenging one to make. Some of the key things to factor in your driving time decisions include:

  • Opening hours for facilities to take bathroom breaks and refill your gas tank
  • The levels of fatigue
  • Distractions inside and outside the car
  • How well you can see potential obstacles on the road
  • Traffic that can cause delays

Once you map out your route, consider evaluating the best time using the above factors. This might make it simpler for you to decide on the best times for your travel. Whichever time you choose to travel, ensure that you drive carefully to avoid neglecting your duty of care to other road users.

What are the Pros and Disadvantages of Driving During the Day?

If you decide to drive during the day, it is critical to understand the advantages and disadvantages of picking this time of day. Some of the benefits of day travel are:

  • Better ability to see road signs, speed limits, obstacles, and other vehicles whether it’s cloudy or raining
  • Better chances of finding open businesses to fill your gas tank and take a bathroom break
  • The sunlight can keep your body awake, making it easier to stay alert

While driving during the day is great, it has several downsides. Here is what you should prepare for if you choose to travel during the day:

  • More traffic because most people are awake, thus, slower travel time
  • More roadside distractions from fancy cars, beautiful scenery, and flashy billboards
  • More construction work can cause delays and accidents to distracted drivers

It could be favorable to drive during the day, but it doesn’t eliminate the need to be extra careful. If you exercise caution and another driver hits you, car accident lawyers in Miami can hold them accountable.

What Should I Know About Driving at Night?

Driving at night is not preferred by the majority of people. But if you have been thinking of taking the road after sunset, there are a few important considerations.

The upside of night travel includes:

  • Less traffic that allows you to get through towns and cities faster
  • Better fuel efficiency because of the consistent speed with lesser stop-and-go in traffic
  • Kids can sleep and give fewer distractions to the driver
  • More focus on the road and less attention on the distractions along the way

The downsides of night travel, on the other hand, are:

  • Higher chances of accidents on the road
  • More nocturnal animals on the road
  • The temptation to speed on the wide-open road can cause more accidents
  • Prevalence of drunk and tired drivers who can cause accidents
  • Higher risk of drowsy drivers on the road, even the ones that slept during the day
  • Fewer facilities remain open at night, especially in rural areas
  • Low visibility in the absence of the sun
  • Headlights from other cars can cause night blindness and affect drivers’ abilities to drive

What Should I Do if I Get into an Accident at Night?

You are more likely to get involved in an accident at night than during the day. Drunk driving, drowsiness, overspeeding, and fatigue are major contributors to night accidents. But if you exercise caution on your part, and another road user fails on their part, you can seek compensation. Just ensure that you take the necessary steps to secure pieces of evidence that could help with your case.

It might be challenging to see most details of the at-fault driver in the darkness, but make sure that you capture and record as much information as possible. You should also take pictures of the accident scene and look around for witnesses that might have seen what happened. Don’t forget to inform your skilled car accident lawyers in Miami about the crash.

How Can an Attorney Assist if I’m Involved in an Accident at Night?

It is easy to feel helpless if an accident happens at night, but there is a lot you could do with the help of seasoned car accident lawyers in Miami, FL. They could rush or send investigators to the scene and find ways to preserve evidence. The legal expert will also use the medical records from your hospital visit to fight for a deserving compensation.

Additionally, formulating an award-winning personal injury case requires competence and skill. And if your case is well argued, and the right evidence is presented in court, you could receive compensation for:

  • Cost of repairs
  • Past, present, and future medical expenses
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional trauma
  • Lost wages
  • Punitive damages

Note that the damages you qualify for are unique to the incident and might differ from other accidents. You can only determine what you qualify for after scheduling a consultation with the right Miami car accident attorney.

Lawyers Working to Recover Maximum Compensation for Injury Victims

Driving during the day might not make you immune to road accidents. However, night travels make you more prone to crashes. But if you have to travel at night, it is critical to know what to do if you are injured out of another person’s recklessness. A skilled lawyer can help whether you are injured in daylight, moonlight, or pitch darkness.

Our personal injury law firm in Miami is ready to fight for your rights. Speak to us today, and let us help you build an award-winning compensation case in Miami.