We are always looking for more sustainable ways to live that reduce pollution and are better for the environment. As a result, we are seeing more people choosing to ride bicycles as a primary mode of transportation.

The lawmakers in Florida are encouraging this movement. They have created more bicycle lanes, paths, and trails while continuing to strive to make the roads safe for cyclists. The laws in Florida have been designed to protect bikers. Under state law, a cyclist traveling on the road is considered a vehicle, and they have the same rights and responsibilities as any other driver.

Many riders do not feel ready to share the roads with motorists. The law says they can ride their bike on the sidewalk,but they are considered a pedestrian. They must yield to other pedestrians and obey traffic signals at crosswalks, but they can use the public sidewalk.

The laws are just words – are you safe?

It is difficult to compare statistics on injuries and deaths on the road for automobilesand bicycles. This is because there are far more cars and trucks on the road than there are bikes. We can tell you that 59% of all crashes reported by cyclists are caused by falling because of debris in their way or trying to avoid an animal. Nearly 11% of bicycle accidents are bicycle and automobile crashes.

Motorists often focus on other vehicles on the road instead of bicycles. Impatient or distracted drivers are reckless, and they may not see a biker until it’s too late. They may not be paying attention when they collide with the bicycle. Cyclists must be extra careful using the roads at night. Following the law and taking safety precautions, like wearing a helmet or reflective gear, can save your life.

Do the Pros outweigh the cons?

Let’s look at the pros and cons of cycling, and you can make up your own mind:


  • Bicycling is a great way to maintain cardio fitness
  • Keeps your muscles strong and flexible
  • Biking helps your joint mobility, keeping you active longer
  • It is good for bone health
  • Helps you lose body fat
  • Improves your energy level
  • Reduces stress and helps fight depression


  • The danger of car accidents
  • Chance of falling in the street, if there is no bike lane
  • Inconsiderate drivers using their lane or disrespecting bikers
  • While in traffic, subject to breathing pollution from automobiles
  • Can get stuck in bad weather
  • The laws may change as you travel through different areas
  • The expense of bike and gear to wear
  • Chance of bike theft

As you can see, there are plenty of pros and cons. However, many of these cons can be avoided if you ride defensively and plan a route. If you are not ready to use the road, then start by riding on a bike path first. A bicycle is an eco-friendly alternative to driving a car, but you share the same responsibilities as a motorist. If you want to try group cycling, join a bike club. Enjoy your bike,but use caution. Cycling is a great way to commute, exercise, and is better for the environment.