It’s no secret that Florida is one of the deadliest states in terms of car accidents. With heavily populated cities, miles of rural roads, and notoriously negligent drivers, Florida ranks among some of the most dangerous states in the country. A staggering 395,532 crashes occurred in 2016, a number that’s increased 43% since 2014.

Experts are now wondering just what makes Florida’s highways so perilous. A new study has named the city of Jacksonville, FL the most deadly on I-95 – a highway with some of the highest crash rates in the entire country. Our Miami truck accident law firm explains:

Jacksonville Accident Facts and Statistics

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) ranked I-95 the third-deadliest highway in the United States, topped only by I-45 in Texas in second place and Route 99 in California in first place. The NHTSA created this ranking by looking at the number of fatal accidents that occurred on each highway compared to the mileage between 2011 and 2015. I-95 had 55.1 fatal accidents per 100 miles, putting it in third place in the country. Along I-95 the deadliest city is Jacksonville, with 63 fatal accidents in the same time period.

Data from local law enforcement agencies show that some of the most common causes of accidents in Jacksonville’s Duval County are alcohol, speeding, and distracted drivers. In Duval County, 2016, there were 2,997 DUI violations and a whopping 35,587 speeding violations. Another 15,671 violations occurred from drivers running red lights, and 12,472 for reckless driving. These numbers point to a significant issue with the safety and care of the county’s drivers. The bustling city of Jacksonville makes up a large percentage of these infractions and related car accidents.

Drunk, distracted, careless, and reckless drivers cause thousands of injuries and deaths in Florida every year. Your daily commute can easily become life-threatening if you encounter one of Jacksonville’s many negligent vehicle operators. The statistics prove drivers in this city are more at risk of causing car accidents than in any other city in Florida. With this in mind, drive through Jacksonville and along the 1,926 miles of I-95 with the utmost care and caution.

How to Avoid a Car Accident in Jacksonville

If you have to drive on the third-deadliest highway in America, do so with a few safe driving practices in mind. First, don’t speed. Stick to the posted speed limits along the highway, and stay in the middle or slow lane unless you’re passing another vehicle. Speeding can quickly turn deadly if you merge into another vehicle, hit a pothole, pop a tire, or otherwise lose control of your vehicle.

On the highway, keep a safe driving distance between your vehicle and those in the front and back of you. The more room you leave to maneuver, the easier it will be to prevent a rear-end collision if someone slams on the brakes. Never drive with distracting passengers in your vehicle. If you can’t focus on the road while passengers are talking to you, make this known and ask your passengers to refrain from talking too much unless you’re stopped.

Obey all Florida roadway rules, especially those regarding cell phone use. Chapter 316 of the Florida Statutes makes texting and driving illegal in Florida, although the law still permits talking on a hand-held device. Prevent crashes by waiting until you’ve arrived safely at your destination to make phone calls or send a text.

Driving through Jacksonville poses a higher risk of car accidents and injuries than any other city in Florida, but that doesn’t have to mean you’ll become just another statistic. Stay safe in one of the deadliest cities for drivers by staying aware and using these tips. However, if you do end up in a serious Jacksonville or Miami, FL accident, contact our Miami truck accident attorneys today for a free consultation.