You may have reason to believe that someone is being abused in a nursing home in Miami. They could be your loved one or someone else that lives there. You hear them spoken to in a hurtful way. Maybe you see bruises. Maybe they are always afraid. While it is true that you do not know exactly what happened, and unless it is your parent or loved one, you may not be able to inquire, but regardless a nursing home abuse attorney in Miami can help.

The state of Florida requires citizens to report these suspicions because, in the end, these are the citizens of our state who cannot defend themselves.

Which Agency Do You Contact?

To report any abuse on an adult, you will contact The Florida Department of Elder Abuse. This agency works with The Department of Children and Family, also known as DCF.

What If The Victim Is Your Loved One?

If the person that you suspect is being abused happens to be your family member, you should also contact an attorney. Let us explain why.

Nursing homes are businesses. They are a profit-making business like any other. The only difference is their “product” is a living and breathing person. While they may be a number on an accounting sheet to the CEO of the nursing home, they are your mother, father, grandparent, or spouse.

One reason that nursing home abuse or neglect happens to our loved ones is that these facilities are understaffed. Nursing homes take in as many patients that their facility will hold. Then, they cut staff below what it takes to give proper care. When one person is expected to care for two or three times the residents that they can adequately care for, someone is going to be neglected. There is no excuse for taking out your frustrations out on a senior citizen. But, when they are overtired, don’t feel well, or there is extra work involved, sometimes they snap.

Speak With An Attorney

Your nursing home abuse attorney understands your position. They understand that they are working for someone who is unable to defend themselves. They know the law, and who should be held responsible.

It may be that the actual caregiver is liable. This is especially true if they caused injury and suffering. The owners of the nursing home facility have an obligation to ensure the care and safety of the people who live there. When they fail to provide adequate staff, supplies, and essentials, they are forcing the employees to try to do more with less. They make it impossible for the staff to do their jobs.

Finally, your loved one deserves justice. He or she has to heal from the trauma they have been through. They may have to change facilities. They will have to recover so they can trust again. If they suffer from a brain injury or illness, the process is even more difficult.

Report the facility to the Florida Department of Elder Abuse, then contact your nursing home abuse attorney and provide them with all of the proof you have gathered. Let them help you get your life and the life of your loved one back in order.