You may ride your bike for fun or sport. You may use it as an eco-friendly mode of transportation. Many cities have bicycle lanes on their busiest roads to protect bikers, but we are not at the point where all roads are bike-friendly.

The most common reason for accidents between a bike and car is that the automobile driver did not see the biker. To allow the cyclist a better chance of being seen and staying safe, there are some steps you can take. Here are a few things that may help keep you safe when riding your bike:


We are not suggesting that all your clothing must be biking gear but wearing a few safety items can be crucial if a collision occurs.

  • Helmet

If you are under the age of 16-years old, you must wear a helmet. That is the law. Lawmakers assume, if you are over the age of 16, you are mature enough to decide to wear a helmet. We all know the risks of not wearing a helmet during a crash. Bike helmets that meet Federal guidelines could save your life.

Lumos Helmets has created the first smart helmet. This helmet has sensors and a wireless control panel. It recognizes when you are slowing down, and the LED brake lights are activated on the back of the helmet to warn other vehicles.With a push of a button, you have a left or right turn signal. They are brightly colored and can be seen in traffic.

  • Bike clothes
    • Bikers need special clothes that have reflective trim. If you are riding at night, consider a special vest or jacket that has strips of reflective material that are visible in the dark. This could be the difference between a driver seeing you or not.
  • Wheel Strips
    • Your bike probably has reflective material around the wheels, but they do not stand out as much as reflective strips do. These wheel strips are bright (neon colors), waterproof, and inexpensive.
  • Laser headlight
    • All bikes need front and rear lights but adding a laser headlight makes you even more visible on the road. Laser headlights are quickly gaining popularity in the cycling community.


  • LaneSpotter

There is a free app called LaneSpotter. This free app shows bikers the easiest way to get to your destination. Theapp notifies you about traffic conditions, including congestion, alternate routes, and accidents.It also shows you roads that have bike lanes and shared lanes. You can add your own information to the map. You can customize your routes and make traveling on roads safer. You can virtually mark anything that you want.

  • Bike computer

This app tracks your miles, speed, calories burned, and a lot of other information. But what we like best about this app is the “get me home” function. No matter where you are, with a push of a button, the Bike Computer app will show you the fastest and easiest way home.

There are plenty of things on the market to keep you safe. Visit your bike supplier or look online for more accessories.