If there is one thing you can count on, it’s knowing that sooner or later, it’s going to rain. You may leave your home on a beautiful sunny day and find yourself in the pouring rain before you make it home. This is just one of those inconveniences that a cyclist has to deal with.

Rain doesn’t have to ruin your day if you are prepared for it. Below, we will share some items that you should keep in your pack for days like this. Most of them can be rolled up and carried easily. You will probably still get wet, but with the proper gear, you will not be soaked before you get to your destination.

  • Cap
    • The air vents in your helmet let the rain in. If it is a cold day, that can be very uncomfortable. You can purchase a waterproof cap to wear under your helmet which will keep your head dry, but the rain must go somewhere. That somewhere may be in your face or down your neck. Neither of these options is comfortable. A better option may be a plain cotton stocking cap under your helmet. The small amount of rain that comes through is absorbed in the cap and your head, face, and neck stay dry.
  • Windbreaker
    • If it is cold, you probably left the house wearing a jacket. A windbreaker that is a size or two larger than your jacket with reflective stripes and patches will keep your jacket dry and make you more visible on the road. If it is warmer, you can wear the windbreaker alone, or you can pack a safety vest that repels water and is bright and reflective.
  • Gloves
    • Your hands are completely exposed in the rain. Even if there is not a lot of wind, the wind generated by you peddling and other traffic is enough to affect your hands. The last thing you need is stinging, wind burned hands on your handlebars. Keep a pair of lightweight, waterproof gloves with you.
  • Over pants or tights
    • You may like the support that tights give you when you ride. Always keep a pair of waterproof tights if that is the case. Even if you may prefer trousers, buy a pair of waterproof trousersand keep them in your pack. They can be worn over your clothing, keeping your clothes and skin dry.
  • Waterproof socks
    • There is nothing more important than protecting your feet. If your feet get soaked, you are walking in water for the rest of the day or until you can make it home. Luckily, there are waterproof socks that you can wear when you are riding your bike. If you choose to, tuck a pair in your pack so you can put them on as soon as the rain begins.
  • Shoe covers
    • Many bikers keep shoe covers with them. They slip over your shoes and close with velcro or a zipper. They keep your shoes dry and clean. If you get your feet muddy, you can just slip them off and you have clean shoes when you reach your destination.