One of the most common ways for drivers and bicyclists to share the road safely is to follow Florida laws. These laws are intended to protect everyone on the road. An automobile and bike share many of the same laws, but there are a few exceptions. In Florida, traffic is the norm, so it is critical to know what laws are specific to bikers. If you do not know the bicycle laws in Miami, here is an overview:

Bike lanes and vehicle lanes

If there is a bike lane provided for you, it is safer to ride in that lane than on the street. If the bike lane is wide enough that two bikers can ride side by side,without merging into the road, they may do so. Riding your bike with more than two bikes side by side is not allowed. This could cause an accident with an automobile.

If there is no bike lane, and the street is wide enough, you can ride in the automobile lane with other drivers. Bikers are encouraged to use the right side of the lane. Some lanes are too narrow for both a vehicle and bike. If it is smaller than usual, bikers are required to ride in the center of the lane, just like any other vehicle.

The standard size for an automobile lane varies. Typically, a city lane will be 14’ wide.Many streets have lanes that are 12’ or even less. If the lane is 14’ or less,the biker should use the entire lane. When stopping behind you or passing you, vehicles must obey the same laws that apply to other drivers. They must also allow 3-feet of space between their car and the bike before they can pass.

Can you ride a bicycle on the sidewalks in Miami?

It is perfectly legal for a person to ride a bicycle on the sidewalk in Florida. However, they must use caution when passing a pedestrian. They must signal to the pedestrians that they are coming up behind them if they plan to turn or stop. They should use their hand signals and verbal warnings to avoid accidents.

When using a crosswalk, vehicles must yield the right of way to cyclists and pedestrians. Red lights, traffic signals, and standard rules of the road must be obeyed by everyone traveling on the roadways, regardless of what type of vehicle they are using in Miami.


If a bike rider is 16-years old or younger, they must wear a bicycle helmet. The helmet must meet Federal safety guidelines. Please note that no biker of any age can operate a bicycle while wearing headphones.

General rules that everyone must obey:

  • When you are changing lanes, yield to overtaking traffic
  • Ride your bike with the flow of traffic, not against it
  • The vehicle who gets there first has the right of way
  • Everyone must obey stop lights, caution lights, signs, and warnings placed on the road

People who ride their bicycles with consideration and caution, make it easier for everyone to use the roads and remain safe. Reckless drivers and bikers can cause accidents, so it is critical to obey the law when you encounter traffic, not because it is the right thing to do, but because it could save your life.