When you’ve had an accident, or suffered the wrongful death of a loved one, most of the pain you endure usually is not financial. However, any accident or wrongful death due to the negligence of another will inflict the added injury of high medical costs for treatment, recovery, lost wages, and more. These “pecuniary” losses can be measured, and an experienced personal injury lawyer will know precisely how they must be evaluated currently and for your future.
Pecuniary losses are simply losses that you can measure in money. This is commonly done by producing a receipt or a bill to show that you have paid the bill or will incur specific financial losses in the future.

In personal injury lawsuits, non-pecuniary losses cannot be as easily measured but still require and receive significant compensation.

For example, non-pecuniary losses (& damages) are awarded to you or your family for the pain and suffering you endure due to your injury and may well bear in your immediate future or the rest of your life.
Although pecuniary losses may mount up quickly and can be enormous, in many personal injury lawsuits, the pecuniary amount is dwarfed by the compensation you may receive for non-pecuniary damages such as “pain & suffering.”

Your experienced Miami personal injury lawyer will explain that you (as the injured party) can be awarded three types of damages in Florida. These are pecuniary (economic), non-economic, and punitive.

Economic (or pecuniary) damages and non-economic damages are considered compensatory damages. Commonly, these compensatory damages are meant to give you justice because of your actual and personal loss due to your accident that was due to another’s negligence.

It’s also vital that you note that Florida imposes no financial cap on compensatory damages. However, you and your personal injury law team must provide complete documentation on the damages you claim.

Suppose you’ve suffered the wrongful death of a loved one or been injured due to negligence. In that case, immediately consulting with an experienced, thorough, and empathetic Miami personal injury law team is wise. Filing a successful personal injury lawsuit is a complex legal issue, and the compensation you need and rightfully deserve is not always immediately apparent. Your law team will know how to approach all the types of compensation you deserve and how to get you what you need to recover.

What Are Some Example Of Pecuniary Losses?

In any personal injury case, if you are hurt and need medical attention, recovery care, vehicle damages repaired, and more, you need to consult with a personal injury law team to ensure that the total amount of your losses is covered.
Some specific examples of pecuniary damages include immediate medical costs, ambulance bills, hospital bills, doctors’ bills, medicinal expenses, physical therapy, special recovery care, etc.

Other items, which your lawyer will investigate, usually include lost wages and future income lost as you cannot work because of the incident.

Some of these losses are easily tallied, as you have bills to show for them. Others, however, need a detailed analysis of your injury and just what it may take to bring you back to health. If you are seriously injured, these money damages must be calculated for future loss and even the possibility that you may never work again.

Your Miami personal injury lawyer is experienced in calculating what’s needed now and what may be required for you and your family to survive financially in the future. You must know that insurance companies, unfortunately, only pay what they must. If your compensation isn’t calculated diligently, you must pay thousands of dollars yourself and be in severe financial jeopardy.

What Happens If I Have To Sue For “Pain & Suffering” in Florida?

“Pain and suffering” legally refer to the physical and emotional harm you may experience after an accident, no matter how severe.

Additionally, suppose you or a family member is killed due to the injuries sustained in an accident caused by another’s negligence. In that case, your family may be able to claim “pain and suffering” called “loss of consortium.” Loss of consortium is actual and refers to the pain and suffering family members endure after the victim’s death.

In a Florida personal injury lawsuit, “pain and suffering” usually differs from a pecuniary loss but can be a large part of your personal injury lawsuit and prove to be the most significant part of your or your family’s compensation.

However, an experienced and knowledgeable Miami personal injury lawyer will explain that every accident or wrongful death lawsuit differs. Also, the specifics of your case matter enormously! Therefore, consulting with an aggressive, empathetic, and winning Miami personal injury law team is mandatory to obtain what you rightfully need.

Is it Easy to Calculate Pecuniary Loss in Florida?

 You may believe that pecuniary losses seem straightforward and are easily calculated by you and your personal injury lawyer; however, this is not always the case.

Recall that pecuniary damages are damages that usually can be specific and represent a quantifiable, well-defined monetary amount. In most cases, this is true, but again your personal injury case is unique in its circumstances, causes, and severity of your injury.

Your personal injury law team, experienced in these calculations, knows how to separate and specify what compensation you need immediately and what you may need in the months and years to come. The insurance companies don’t care about your future; that’s the harsh truth. However, your law team does and will always do what it takes to make sure you get the necessary compensation you and your family need. This compensation will allow you to obtain the proper treatment for you to recover or what’s required to keep your family financially secure in the coming years.

I’ve Suffered Injury and Loss In An Accident I Didn’t Cause; How Should I Proceed?

First, never hesitate to obtain medical treatment immediately. Your health is mandatory to your future and the future of those you love.

However, if you even consider that you were injured or a loved one killed due to the negligence of another, then consult with a qualified, experienced Miami personal injury lawyer for the guidance you need. Personal injury and wrongful death cases are legally complex and require thorough analysis, research, and proper legal representation to ensure you get the compensation you rightfully deserve. Never hesitate to obtain the necessary legal advice, as your health and financial future may depend on it.