Car Accidents

What Happens If I Am Injured By A Hit And Run Driver?

Drivers in Florida are legally obligated to stop if they collide with another vehicle. But unfortunately, many drivers fail to fulfill this legal obligation. Every personal injury claim involving a car accident is complicated, but hit and run claims are even more complex. If you are injured in a hit and run accident, it is… read more

Rear-End Automobile Crashes – Who Is At Fault?

If you are injured in a traffic accident, proving which driver was at fault is the key to the claim process, but determining which driver caused an accident isn’t always easy. If it’s a rear-end collision, the typical presumption is that the driver in the rear vehicle is the at-fault driver, but is that always… read more

Car Crashes Caused By Defective Parts

Whether you own a minivan, a motorcycle, a sports car, an electric car, or a big gas-guzzling SUV or pickup truck, you want a vehicle that is both safe and that does not require constant trips to the repair shop. Unfortunately, however, too many vehicles today are made with defective parts or with design flaws… read more

Why Full Coverage Car Insurance May Not Actually Be Full Coverage

You pay your car insurance premiums faithfully and on time. In exchange, you have the reasonable expectation that your insurance company will have your back in the event of property damage or an accident. Unfortunately, not even full coverage car insurance always pays your balances in full after an accident. Do motorists have any other… read more

Can I Get More Money for Being Hit by a Distracted Driver?

The smartphone has given rise to a generation of multitaskers. It is the culture to be busy, in a hurry, and instantly available at all times. This has led to a pandemic of distracted drivers using their electronic devices behind the wheel. In recent years, the number of distracted drivers involved in accidents has risen… read more

10 Tips for Dealing With Insurance Companies After a Car Accident

Car accidents always involve insurance companies. The extent of involvement depends on the circumstances of the crash and the type of coverage, but, one way or another, a car insurance company will make an appearance after a collision in Miami. How injured accident victims deal with car insurance companies and insurance claims adjusters can make… read more

Drowsy Driving: The Dangers vs. Lack of Legal Punishment

The number of drowsy driving accidents is difficult to quantify. Police attribute many likely drowsy driving accidents to other causes simply because there is no way to prove the driver fell asleep in a fatal accident. Research suggests that driving tired is a much larger problem than statistics reveal. In one study, one in 25… read more

Jacksonville Named Deadliest Cities for Drivers: New Study

It’s no secret that Florida is one of the deadliest states in terms of car accidents. With heavily populated cities, miles of rural roads, and notoriously negligent drivers, Florida ranks among some of the most dangerous states in the country. A staggering 395,532 crashes occurred in 2016, a number that’s increased 43% since 2014. Experts… read more

How to Get a Car Accident Report in Florida

In the days following a Miami traffic accident, your idea of what happened may change or grow fuzzy. You might mix up details or forget things. It’s important to phone the police after an accident to receive an accurate write-up of the event. The officer will write down the names and contact information of everyone… read more

Self-Driving Cars: Safer or Riskier Than Traditional Cars?

According to industry projections from BI Intelligence, semi-autonomous and completely autonomous vehicles will account for 10 million vehicles on roadways in 2020. Championed to reduce accidents and improve transportation experiences, self-driving cars seem to be the answer to roadway woes. As a wrongful death law firm, we wonder if recent accidents involving self-driving cars show… read more