Nursing Home Abuse

Nursing Home Negligence Attorney Assisting Clients in Florida With Coronavirus Claims

COVID-19 has disproportionately affected Florida’s nursing homes and assisted living facilities for the elderly. Were any of these facilities negligent? Can families of COVID-19 victims seek damages? A Florida nursing home negligence attorney can help your family take legal action. If your loved one fell ill with COVID-19 and you file a lawsuit, some of… read more

How to Notice the Signs of Nursing Home Abuse

Nursing home residents may feel too intimidated or uncomfortable to report abuse from caregivers or staff members. Furthermore, residents who are suffering from certain mental health conditions may be incapable of recognizing or reporting abuse. As a result, nursing home abuse can go unnoticed and continue if no one spots the subtle signs. As a… read more


It’s disturbing. The abuse and neglect of the elderly occurs all too often in Florida. Miami nursing home neglect lawyers frequently represent the victims of nursing home abuse and their families in personal injury cases in south Florida. What constitutes nursing home abuse? What are its causes? How can families act to protect their loved… read more

What To Do When Understaffing Leads To Nursing Home Neglect

Laws at both the state and federal levels regulate nursing homes and other residential care facilities. Overwhelmingly, the majority of nursing home facilities in our state offer superlative resident care. Some of these facilities, however, do not. If you’ve lived in Florida for several years or more, you’ve probably seen shocking examples of nursing home… read more

What Are The Signs of Nursing Home Abuse?

In the United States, there are more than 2 million senior citizens who live in nursing homes. Some need around the clock care, while some are simply unable to safely care for themselves. So, when it comes time to select a home where our parent or grandparent will live in their golden years, we want… read more

How To Report Nursing Home Abuse In Miami

You may have reason to believe that someone is being abused in a nursing home in Miami. They could be your loved one or someone else that lives there. You hear them spoken to in a hurtful way. Maybe you see bruises. Maybe they are always afraid. While it is true that you do not… read more

What Are The Main Types Of Nursing Home Abuse?

Sending your elderly loved one to a nursing home can initially seem like a last resort. But, if you don’t have the time or resources required to look after them on a continual basis, it could be the best option for them and your family. The whole purpose of making this decision is to make… read more

What Is Considered Neglect In A Nursing Home?

When we face the heart-wrenching decision to place someone we love in a nursing home, we are careful to employ a nice home. We want our family member to feel comfortable. We want to know that their needs are met, and we expect them to be cared for properly and with respect. As nursing home… read more