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Our nursing home abuse lawyers know that this is one of the most heartbreaking types of abuse which can occur to a loved one. The decision to place a loved one in a nursing home is one that is only reached after countless discussions with family, doctors, and your loved one. In many instances, your loved one may have resisted the nursing home for some time, despite their better judgment. However, once elderly residents reach a certain age or succumb to a disease that inhibits their ability to live alone, nursing home care is essential for their health and well-being. Unfortunately, some residents of nursing homes face nursing home abuse, a sad fact which should not go unpunished. If you suspect your loved one is being abused or neglected and need sound legal advice, look no further than Miami bedsores attorney Mitchell J. Lipcon.

How Do Bedsores Form?

Bedsores, also known as pressure ulcers or decubitus ulcers, are one of the leading indications of nursing home abuse. Bedsores develop from prolonged pressure on the skin and often occur on the hips, tailbone, ankles, and heels for individuals who are confined to a bed. Individuals who are confined to a wheelchair may also develop bedsores on the backs of their arms and legs where the limbs rest against the wheelchair.

Nursing home residents are particularly at risk to develop bedsores since many are sedentary and unable to change positions on their own. Nursing staff, therefore, must assist residents by encouraging them to move around more, or by physically changing the resident’s position.

Bedsores range in severity, and fall within four different stages:

Bedsores which reach Stage 4 have occurred over an extended period of time and should have been recognized early on by experienced nursing home staff. The failure of nursing home staff to take preventative actions prior to this point is further evidence of their negligent behavior and a dedicated Miami bedsores attorney can help you prove just that.

Negligent nursing home staff are often under the impression that family members will not catch a glimpse of bed sores which are hidden under a resident’s clothing, and therefore abuse can go on for months, even years. It is, therefore, important to have regular check-ins with your loved one and their doctors to confirm the existence of any hallmark signs of abuse, and catch bedsores before they develop into deep, long-lasting injuries.

How Can Nursing Home Be Held Accountable?

Florida law mandates that nursing homes must meet a set of criteria in terms of residents’ health and well-being. The failure of a nursing home to meet this criteria, leading to nursing home abuse, could subject the nursing home to fines, criminal actions, and even closure. The victims of nursing home abuse are entitled to hire a Miami personal injury attorney experienced in bedsores cases and bring a claim for damages against the responsible individual parties, and the nursing home itself.

In some situations, the nursing home may not be aware of the abuse that occurs at the hands of one of its staff. However, as an employer, the nursing home will be liable for the actions of any employees, and the resulting damages these employees cause. A nursing home resident who develops bedsores due to the negligent actions of the nursing home may be entitled to bring a claim against the nursing home.

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