Miami Criminal Attacks Lawyer

The incidence of injuries and deaths caused by gun violence has dramatically increased throughout the country. Not a day goes by where the media does not report about another devastating shooting which has left innocent bystanders wounded or tragically dead. The responsible individual may be brought to justice and tried in a criminal court. However, the victims of criminal attacks may also pursue individual civil claims against the responsible party. To learn more about your legal options if you were the victim of an attack in Florida, reach out to a knowledgeable Miami criminal attacks lawyer as soon as you can.

Criminal Versus Civil Claims

After a crime is committed, a defendant may be arrested and charged with the criminal action. However, the defendant still has to face trial, or may decide to enter a plea agreement. Regardless of the defendant’s options, a trial will require the jury to find the defendant guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. This is a high burden of proof to meet, and a prosecutor must be able to establish to the court that the defendant met each element of the crime in question.

In a civil claim, the burden of proof is lower. A victim must only prove that the defendant committed the action “by a preponderance of the evidence,” meaning that they do not have to establish each element of the crime. A civil claim may be brought at the same time as the criminal trial, and is not dependent on the outcome of the criminal case.

Florida Personal Injury Claims

A personal injury claim after a criminal attack is no different from a claim after a car accident. The damages are often severe after a criminal attack, especially an attack involving the use of a gun. Victims of such attacks are often innocent bystanders who were in the wrong place at the wrong claim. As Miami criminal attacks attorneys, we believe that this should not mean that they should be forced to go through life with their debilitating injuries and still be forced to cover the financial burden of their injuries.

A claim for damages will include:

Gunshot wounds are not easy to recover from and often require months of physical therapy and extensive surgeries. Even after this point, the victim may always have lingering health complications arising from the wound. Gun violence has reached a terrifying level throughout the country, and the appearance of more innocent victims in emergency rooms is cause for great concern. A claim filed by a Miami personal injury lawyer may not only help the victim with the financial impact of the accident but may also discourage other individuals from participating in other criminal attacks.

Free Consultation with a Miami Criminal Attacks Lawyer

If you or a loved one has been injured after a criminal attack, do not hesitate to contact the attorneys of Lipcon & Lipcon, P.A. Our highly skilled lawyers have over 60 years of combined experience in assisting our clients with their personal injury claims after criminal attacks. While a criminal court will issue the appropriate sentence for the criminal defendant after a criminal attack, the victim is not compensated after this trial. A civil claim will ensure that the victim receives the appropriate amount of damages which they are entitled to receive after a traumatic criminal attack. Contact our attorneys today for your free initial consultation and we will begin reviewing the details of your claim.