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The brain is the most delicate organ in the body, and any slight injury to the brain could have vast repercussions on your future. Any slight or severe trauma to the brain area may potentially lead to life-threatening damage, and it’s important to know it may not be discernible right after the accident. It’s highly important to visit a medical professional shortly after a potential brain injury has taken place to ensure that further injury does not occur in the hours after the accident. If you or a loved one received a neurological or brain injury after a serious accident, you may be entitled to receive compensation for your injuries.

Brain Injuries

Brain injuries are not dependent on the severity of the accident. A small fender bender could, unfortunately, lead to extensive brain injury, if the brain is knocked against the car. Traumatic brain injuries are one of the most major causes of ongoing disability and death throughout the country and contribute to an increasingly high percentage of the total deaths caused by accidents.

Living with ongoing traumatic brain injuries often tremendously impacts the victim’s life and the family life. Many victims of a brain injury are unable to complete the most basic daily tasks, from simple motor control to interacting with others. Just in the year 2020 alone, traumatic brain injuries were the cause of death of around 50,000 individuals throughout the United States. The number of hospitalizations that were related to traumatic brain injuries was substantially higher than this, indicating the unfortunately common trend of neurological and brain injuries after accidents.

Florida Personal Injury Recovery

Florida is a comparative negligence state, which means that a victim of an accident will always be able to recover a set amount of damages after an accident. However, this amount may be reduced by a percentage that the victim was actually at fault.

As the victim of an accident which led to a neurological injury or brain injury, you are entitled to bring a claim forward regarding the damages against the party that is responsible, which can include the following:

The impact of a brain injury will have lasting repercussions on the victim and on their family. The brain is a delicate organ, and any tweak to the overall makeup could mean a change in the victim’s personality, or a dramatic impact on the victim’s cognitive skills. Simply getting to a point where the victim can take care of themselves could take months, or even years of therapy.

The responsible party’s insurance company will often attempt to coerce a settlement shortly after the accident, when the victim’s family is still reeling from the impact of the injuries. It is important to refrain from accepting this settlement, even though it may lead to quick compensation. The insurance company is in the business of making money and will often not take into consideration the many different factors which will affect the victim’s life in the years to come. The ability to hold down a job and function in society may not be considered in the settlement arrangement, but often has a substantial impact on the victim’s family. If the victim was the primary provider for their family, the impact of a brain injury will often be long-reaching and will impact many different people. A personal injury attorney will be able to assist you in determining the full amount of damages you are entitled to receive.

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