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Miami is a city which is highly dependent on taxis as a form of transportation. Taxis prevent drunk drivers from appearing on the roadways and offer a convenient method for visitors and citizens alike to get from place to place. Many people in major cities such as Miami do not own vehicles and are therefore 100% dependent on taxis, and newer rideshare programs such as Uber or Lyft. In such a major international hub, the taxi scene is often busting, with many people forced to wait up to an hour for a taxi cab. However, with all the relief that taxi cabs offer to the general public, the potential for taxi accidents runs ever rampant throughout the major cities of Florida.

Miami Taxi Accidents

The general public has a set observation of most taxi cab drivers and are therefore not surprised when taxi accidents occur. Many taxi cab drivers are depicted as always on their phone, easily distracted, and swerving through traffic. While this is often an inaccurate picture of the majority of taxi drivers, it does represent a knowing indicator that all taxi passengers are entrusting their safety to the driver and the taxi cab company. The failure of the driver and the company to protect the driver from injury during their ride, regardless of length, could lead to potential recoveries. Taxis are known as “common carriers” and owe a high duty of care to each and every passenger. This is greater than the typical standard of care which you as a driver may owe to your passenger, and therefore the failure of a taxi driver to act in the manner a typical taxi driver would in the same circumstance could lead to a claim for any resulting damages after an accident.

Florida Personal Injury Recovery

However, in most situations, a victim may pursue a claim against the taxi cab driver and the taxi cab company after a taxi accident. The taxi cab company’s insurance agent will often try to negotiate a settlement. Insurance companies are notorious for their “deep pockets,” but it is important to seek the guidance of a personal injury attorney before agreeing to anything proposed by the insurance company. As a victim of a taxi accident, you are entitled to recovery the following after an accident:

Many of these damages are not easy to determine based on a set fee, and therefore must be projected into the future by an experienced personal injury attorney.

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